Monday, November 2, 2009

EWE Inc. Rises

EWE Inc. Executive Summary
We seek a world where who the "bad guys" are is as clear as day, the "good guys" receive the funding and support that they need and goods and services are given away freely as a reward to anyone who believes in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights and are willing to fight and die for those beliefs now.

The Stockyards in Fort Worth TX is the only place we know of where you can legally have a gun (via a concealed weapons permit) and a beer in your hand on the street and the police will help you up if you fall down. THAT is the USA every freedom loving American believes in. Pay attention. This is how we restore the “Cowboy Code” where a handshake was your contract and violation of that meant a gunfight as integrity was lost.
WARNING: The companies behind the soft drink you are now drinking, the car you are now driving and the job you are now working for may be actively working to destroy the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights (our values). It is time for all of us to consciously consider every action we take. It is time for EWE Inc. We live in a world of winners and losers where we are all divided and pitted against one another. Yet what if we could construct a community of like-minded individuals where there was no such thing as a "loser". We can. Malcolm X had a famous speech called ballots and bullets but he did not mention the Internet; something that has had made more change than anything prior to it. THIS IS THE NEXT PARADIGM SHIFT. Welcome to an entirely new way of doing business; an entirely new economic paradigm. Welcome to EWE Inc. We are a cross between a not for profit watchdog/compliance 501C3 organization, like the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and the focal point of a new kind of self supporting/regulating community, which provides a host of free and low cost goods and services to its members more affordable than even Walmart, that is based on a system of accountability designed to hold people responsible for their actions. The focus of this community is on economic leverage though cooperation rather than competition; economic abundance and not economic scarcity. Invest your power in changing the system itself that divides us; it is time to get started.
The 501C3 non-profit EWE Inc. Foundation is what you are considering funding, as this is the core of this new kind of economic community based on the “Cowboy Code” and the Bill of Rights.
Once this is in place, all other revenue models become active and it is important to consider that the EWE Inc. Foundation, while highly profitable in its own right, is the LEAST profitable venture in this new economic paradigm but it is the central figure in this new kind of ecosystem that enables all other revenue generation activities. Put simply, the EWE Inc. foundation is the new sheriff in town. [LOW RISK; Investment target: $400k each month, $4.8M a year; ROI every 6 mo.; ROI achieved due to donations provided to the foundation; Initial real-estate/asset investment $500k; total investment in yr 1: $6M]____________________________________________________
Our thinking is that if we can stick 2 groups of people together ADVOCATES (we GIVE FREE stuff to these guys), and CONSUMERS (we FIND AFFORDABLE stuff for these guys), and put them BOTH on a single platform informing each other we could break the stranglehold on information shared outside of the Internet. If you stick ADVOCATES and CONSUMERS in a bag and shake them up what do you get? .... An INFORMED CONSUMER that gets AFFORDABLE STUFF (incl. something as amazing as almost no cost group health care in 6 months). Nuff said. – Get the full prospectus:
If you, your company or your organization is EWE Inc. certified at any level you have been audited. You will be audited again. We the people will be 100% guaranteed that you believe in the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence (compliance level #01). We will know that you have values and principles and not simply marketing rhetoric.

We examine what you do, what you have done and what you most likely will do based on your past behaviors. To play in the new economy your choices matter in a way like you have never imagined and no amount of slick advertising will obscure that. Either you believe in something or you do not. Get ready to play the new game.

You will be audited. Who you vote for and what they do will affect your status in EWE Inc. Who you fund matters. What bills you endorse matters…. So you better make sure someone is reading them because we are. It is time to start taking responsibility for your actions.
If you fail an audit you are removed from the community. You will lose your free benefits and 50% discount status on ALL EWE Inc. community resources until you can pass another audit.
10/01/2009: Entities that successfully passed a EWE Inc. audit (are part of the solution):
USA180 – – Highlighting bills and legislation (who voted for what) and civil rights issues

Curtis Needs a Ride – () 000-0000 – Comedy sports in the Fort Worth area
Winr – – world internet radio (100% free reporting from the grass roots)
Natural Health Solutions – – Current Issues: Forced Vaccinations & Codex Alimintarius – Holistic Health alternatives and political reporting on bills and legislation affecting health
The Soup Man – feeds the homeless of Dallas daily by taking food to them
Unity One Credit Union
The Corporation
Lake Pointe Church
Dr. Paul Hannig – Deep Feeling Therapy
Software Engineering Blog

Entities that FAILED the test and acted against EWE Inc. members (call them and let them know what you think):
Hyatt Hotel in the Dallas Stockyards – assistant manger Ryan Smith - police were called to evict member who sought to talk to the manager dressed as a homeless person carrying a laptop. Member stated that they would wait there for 24 hours until the manager arrived and come back after attending Cowboy Church. Assistant manager lied to the police that they already asked the member to leave when they did not. Call the manager – reference police report trespass warning: 09-122624 on 11/01/2009.

Hyatt Hotel in the Dallas Stockyards – manager – evicted member, looking like a homeless person, using the organizations computers when not being a resident. Upon the manager coming over she said that she would not discuss our upcoming global marketing campaign and that we had to make an appointment when she was standing right there.

Prosperity Bank – 2 branch managers throw out a member, dressed as a homeless person, for asking them whether the bank and its shareholders believe in the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence after grilling them about where their assets were held (i.e. avoid housing and sub-prime mortgages):

These entities are either not practicing the Cowboy Code (treating people with respect) or would not answer if that organization supported the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence…. AVOID THEM. They have no values.

Some other entities currently being considered for EWE Inc. certification:
Waffle House - $1 cheeseburger freshly cooked right in front of you
Church’s Chicken – Large volumes of food for under $10
Bar in Plano supports poker contests with cash prizes
Fathers Rights – learn the law for cheap and have them do the legal filings you need
Chick Filet – best chicken around; closed on Sunday (money is not more important than GOD); Christian Values
….but do these entities support the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Declaring GLOBAL Independence 1of2

STOP focusing on OBAMA and FOCUS on the SYSTEM. The WHOLE DAMN system is BROKEN.




Sunday, January 27, 2008

The First Advocacy Corporation (revisited)

The function of this blog is simple:

We have a big problem that threatens our entire democracy.

The Advocate in society - the idealists, the dreamers and the people who seek change of ANY kind against current policies (i.e. the people who do not act like robots), are not structurally protected in any way by our current system.

A democracy cannot function and will die without an informed and active citizenry. A democracy cannot function without advocates.

The Advocate role is in danger. Corporations are buying regulators and government under the guise of Capitalism, and now aggressively limiting what information you and I see.

At the same time government regulators and government in general, are growing more and more influential - bigger and less accountable - and more and more of the information we need to make decisions is being made harder to easily get to.

This is a structural problem and has NOTHING to do with who enters the role of the presidency AND IS MORE IMPORTANT and therefore needs to be THE issue that the 2008 Election centers around.

The most recent example of this was the exclusion of Dennis Kucinich from the democratic debates aired on NBC by NBC- even though he too was running for the democratic party nomination.

But why? Dennis Kucinich has the answer for you here - It turns out that GE owns NBC and GE builds nuclear power plants, Raytheon is also owned by GE and is a military contractor.

In short, GE - has an interest in excluding presidential candidates that will shrink the Military Industrial Complex - GE is part of the Military Industrial Complex. This is the very thing Eisenhower warned us about (last 2 posts). This is NOT DEMOCRACY.

Whether you agree with Dennis Kucinich is IRREVALENT.

Whether you are Republican or Democrat is IRREVALENT.

Whether you have concerns about lobbyists is IRREVALENT.

The question is do you support censorship at this level?

This is the same kind of censorship that led to the invasion of Iraq.

This is the same kind of censorship that led members of our government to out a CIA agent - which is an act of treason according to George Bush senior - and then the president, his son, now seeks to pardon himself and all of the people in his administration so they cannot be held accountable - ?

This is NOT Democracy. In democracy your leaders are accountable. In a democracy you are informed. In a democracy you are protected by the government - that's it's job. A government exists for the people, by the people and of the people. This is radically distorted today.

You are not powerless. Create the Advocacy Corporation. END the invisible influence of Corporations like GE. Protect the Advocate - YOU are the Advocate.

Find your passion, whatever it is, and BE the Advocate for something YOU believe in....

Introducing the Advocacy Corporation:

The Advocacy Corporation type, or Anti-Corporation (AC), has one function - to create an active and knowledgeable citizenry that cannot be bought (imagine 50 FDA's exerting pressure advocating for public safety from the private sector). AC's do not legally need to make a profit (as most corporations do).

It does this by being partially federally subsidized, based on a tier of advocacy it has achieved and each citizen may create 1 AC if they choose every year - so if YOU create an AC - based on some type of transparent advocacy goal - you immediately have the ability to:

Via FCC regulations to be put into place, to offer "public service announcements" on a topic related to your advocacy goal. Each channel - not network - must allot a 2 hour time block every day during prime time television (4 hours if the media owner wants to run commercials), for AC's ONLY to register within.
A single AC cannot run more than once in a 3 month time period. Also a single point of view cannot run more than once in a 1 month time period. A similar model will need to be applied to print media as well or any other type of unregulated domain.

Donate to an AC and get a tax deduction.

Invest in an AC and have your money invested into Advocates in society consistent with your advocacy goal. There is however, no ROI guaranteed.

Go to a web site that transparently displays why the AC is invested in a particular Advocate and how close the Advocate (a person, organization, corporation, politician, etc.), is to getting a "cash infusion" - once a point is reached determined by the AC itself in it's charter, an AC MUST invest shareholder money AND donations into it's Advocates.

Change the system - Create The Advocacy Corporation type and NOTHING will ever be the same again. YOU are the Advocate :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Advocacy Corporation Vs. War

I am going to say this once. The Advocacy Corporation type once created, will help to prevent wars.

I recently watched The Fog of War - 11 life lessons of Robert S Mcnamera, and after doing so I am convinced of this. It also cements the logic of my last post. So why am I convinced?

Let me explain.

The most compelling reason to watch The Fog of War (link on the left), is that it interviews the leaders of both sides of two of the most contentious conflicts in the 20th Century and CLEARLY puts to rest arguments that when we dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki - Japan was almost ALREADY totally destroyed due to the low level air guided fire bombings BEFORE we dropped those bombs.

In the Cuban missile crisis, Castro says he DID have nuclear missiles in Cuba - when many in the military who were part of the Military Industrial Complex Eisenhower warned about (last post) - were clamoring to go to war with him. He also DID tell Kurschev he would use them if attacked. We only averted total nuclear annihilation because someone closse to JFK had empathy for Kruschevs position.

In the Vietnam conflict, the Vietnamese people were fighting a civil war and we thought it was a war against communism and treated it so. In other words, we made crucial errors in judgment , by not seeing things though the eyes of the people there, that cost millions of lives. What Mcnamera says is that this is EXPECTED in war but with nuclear weapons, you don't get a chance to make mistakes.

He says that every military general, if they are honest with themselves, will admit that they have made mistakes - we are all people and therefore fallible. I agree with this.

In other words, the problem was one of awareness and then developing empathy for your enemy's position and their thinking - to see things though their eyes - precisely what the Advocacy Corporation is specifically designed to address.

If bad policies are the problem, then we can solve that problem by increasing visibility to that problem. Today, we are actively doing the opposite.

Policies are created based on stakeholder involvement. If you do not have all the stakeholders (advocates), involved in a decision, you get a slanted policy.

If JFK did not have the other person to his side saying that there was another way to deal with Castro, (though Kruschev), we would not be here today. This other person was a stakeholder who had a voice. Thank God for that voice.

Conversely, JFK had tried to get us out of Vietnam by reducing the number of military advisors. First, the leadership of South Vietnam was assassinated. 3 weeks later, JFK was assassinated. Shortly after that Martin Luther King was assassinated after also being rather vocal about Vietnam. By removing all the advocates for a peaceful solution, we then got what SOME people wanted, WAR. What a price to pay.

Today, we have a similar situation unfolding. Read the Stratfor (Global Strategic Intelligence), reports (link on left), or look at both extreme points of view, to know how complex things REALLY are today (as they were then). STOP watching the news - it's at best entertainment and at worst, propaganda - and you are not really learning anything.

But this is not a post about the past. This is a post about the future.

This post is about how we can reduce wars. To do that, you need more than tolerance and understanding - you need advocacy and you need awareness.

I recently wrote about learning tolerance and understanding about other religions on Helium (link on left). In summary, I don't believe in tolerance. I believe in respect. Respecting people for their similarities and differences. Tolerance is about respecting an idea or belief system - NOT a person.

To respect others you need to understand others. To understand others you need to increase your level of awareness to encompass their world view. THAT is the problem.


In fact, corporations and governments regularly prey and DEPEND upon people's LACK of awareness so they can continue to do EXACTLY what they want to do. Do you really think that when Upton Sinclair wrote "The Jungle" about chopped off body parts being found in the food people ate, the meat packing/preparation companies just said "ok, we will fix that"? No, there needed to be outcry from INFORMED people and this is how the FDA was formed.

We are talking about tolerance, understanding and respect for other people so we don't end up in wars - how do you get tolerance, understanding and respect? You advocate for it. What platform do you use since the media is currently owned by 5 corporations only concerned about profit so they put out content that is NOT going to challenge people?

Do you really think that it matters much if you sit in a room with a large group of Iranians and come an understanding of one another parting with hugs and the next day your government attacks their homeland and kills their relatives? THIS is what we are talking about here.

The problem we have is - we don't see their relatives get killed (that's WHY we have embedded journalists - do you really think that if people had to SEE people dying that would go good for the war effort?). We are misinformed deliberately by key stakeholders who benefit from decisions made, so the battle is really over YOUR heart and YOUR mind. Win that battle and every lie dies at the altar of truth.

I can assure you we are not going to agree on a lot of things (remember there is some weird stigma in society where religion and politics are off limits), but what we can agree on is that we have a common goal:

Allow the information in our society to flow freely and let people make up their own minds about things with ALL the other information available to them

The Advocacy Corporation - protects the advocate - YOU are the advocate.

It does not matter what is going in the world or what truths or lies that are present - with advocates - with YOUR involvement whatever truths or lies can be identified by an informed and active citizenry. We are neither informed or active. With the creation of the Advocacy Corporation, I intend to change both.

What YOU can do TODAY is become more aware and more inclusive in your world view taking in a wide variety of sources of information and exposing yourself to people critical of your ideas then wars for the wrong reasons will end.

Create the Advocacy Corporation and ensure that it BECOMES profitable to increase your level of awareness and the wrong reasons for doing things and the wrong things we are doing, will get weeded out faster...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Advocacy Corporation Vs. The Military Industrial Complex

"...This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new.... In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the Military Industrial Complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists - and will persist. We must never let the weight of this kind of combination endanger our liberty and democratic process. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense so that security and liberty may prosper together."
- Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961 - farewell address

"The Defense Budget is 3 quarters of a trillion dollars. Profits went up last year by 25%. When war becomes that profitable you are going to see more of it."
"We have got an empire. There is no excuse for 725 military bases in 130 foreign countries;"
- Chalmers Johnson (CIA, 1967-1973)

"The United States is the greatest force for good in the world. We have, not an obligation to go out and start wars - but certainly to spread democracy and freedom throughout the world."
"When does the United States go from a force for good to a force for imperialism?"
- John McCain

I recently watched the movie Why We Fight (see left sidebar for link). What I found most striking was "Lockheed Martin has ensured that a piece of its B2 Bomber is manufactured in every state in the United States - so the congressional representative in that state will lose jobs and piss off their constituents if they advocate reducing defense spending" (paraphrased).

Then I thought to myself. This is EXACTLY what the Advocacy Corporation, or Anti-Corporation, is designed for.

Eisenhower warned that the collusion of military, industry (Corporations) and Congress (and now think tanks - if you consider Iraq and The Project for A New American Century) - would endanger our liberty and democratic process. We are very much in that world he envisioned and warned us against, today.

Many people want to just pin this on George Bush and the Neocons (Neo Conservatives). You need to understand that these people are opportunists who believe the United States should be the next Rome - and under our stewardship the world will prosper (which it may),- YET, THEY ARE NOT THE PROBLEM.

Looking back on history we can see that we had all kinds of extremes of thought in this country. THAT is what this country protects and makes it what it is. So even if people do believe in the archaic philosophy of "Might makes Right" - the creed of every bully on a playground, THAT is irrevalent.

What is relevant is Eisenhower warned. If you only have a hammer then everything is a nail. If you only have 3 quarters of a trillion dollars going to defense (and little money going to all other segments of your society), everyone is a terrorist, a bad guy - your enemy. In this model, the question is not will we invade Iran - but when? The ONLY thing that can prevent this is an alert and knowledgeable citizenry - who can support politicians that see the problem and who want to fix it.

We are on a sled going 100 miles down a hill right now. The inertia of the system is now so great that all it takes to take this great country to war is some people will a bully mentality to ascend to the presidency, a congress that does not check the power of the executive branch of government - their responsibility, a media that does not want to tell the truth because it will hurt their corporate stockholders too much and a citizenry that is neither alert nor knowledgeable.

So therein lies the key:
The ONLY thing that can prevent this is an alert and knowledgeable citizenry - who can support politicians that see the problem and who want to fix it.
So how to we provide an incentive to the good people in government who WANT to fix our problems?

Create the Advocacy Corporation or Anti-Corporation (AC), to INFORM the people - at the governments expense. Protect and institutionalize the role of the advocate in society - the creators of this great documentary - Why We Fight. Set as part of the design of the Advocacy Corporation, direct media access on television channels for ANY Advocacy Corporation a percentage of the time.

In other words, ensure that the forums are protected that create an alert and knowledgeable citizenry.

An AC Corporation type has ONE LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY - Promote Advocacy based on the organizations Advocacy charter. It is subsidized by the Federal Government, allows you and I to donate to it and get a tax deduction and allows direct investment and ownership of stock (although it has no LEGAL responsibility, unlike corporations, to make a profit). Once formed, its JOB is to create an alert and knowledgeable citizenry based on its advocacy goal. It does this by transparently investing money into "advocates" based on a point system. Once the advocate gets enough points they get an infusion of cash for "doing right" by the AC.

In essence, the AC is the direct counterbalancing force needed to combat the influence of corporations at every level of society. It cannot be bought, sold or transferred, so there is no need to worry about money being leveraged to dampen it's message. Congress today debates about what to subsidize in society and we get all kinds of "special interests" trying to appropriate monies via lobbying for their concerns - no more - congress will just subsidizes ALL AC's at some level (the rest coming from AC donors or stockholders) so there is no preferential treatment for one idea over another. This takes us into a new age where the ONLY responsibility of congress in terms being pressured one way or another to approve spending, will come FROM an AC and NOT a lobbyist because an AC has NO profit motive and ALL of it's actions are by default, transparent. All congress needs to sign off on is appropriating money to "ensure that an alert and knowledgeable citizenry exists".

In the context of the Military Congressional Think Tank Industrial Complex this is how the scenario would play out in the case of Lockheed and the B2:

One or more AC would form with an Advocacy Charter like: "Shrinking the role of the Military Industrial Complex in Government".

The AC would identify it's "advocates"

After the initial infusion of cash for starting the AC by the Government people could invest in the AC right alongside other corporations on the stock market based on it's "Advocacy Profile" (i.e. the organizations and people the AC is planning on investing directly in and supporting).

The AC would then choose its "Media Platform" and its reporters who are paid by the AC directly to specifically support, write stories, blog, etc. about the initial Advocacy goal and those individuals, corporations, organizations AND POLITICIANS that directly support the Advocacy Goals of that AC.

The government would then issue another infusion of cash based on the size of the AC and if it was successful in hitting its initial "2-3 month Goals" (think of bronze, silver, gold and platinum customers but with respect to the AC). This allows the AC to compete for talent with the corporations.

Once capitalized the AC would begin to do its work and in this case, since Why We Fight is an Advocate - it gets it's first infusion of cash (subsequent infusions of cash will be based on hitting certain points or goals - this will be transparent).

The AC now gets media time for free on each channel via the FCC - as a direct counterbalance to media consolidation - and can now use that time in a registered timeslot. All communication providers would need to ALLOW 20% of their communication channels a DAY during prime time, to be used for an AC at any given time (i.e. for Television the 6 PM-11 PM window - for Print media 20% of the magazine, etc.). They can NOT charge the AC (because it is doing a public service) nor run commercials during this period. What they get in return is FCC licensing and no more public debate/concern about media consolidation (i.e. the AC ENSURES that media consolidation WILL NOT lead to a narrowing of viewpoints in the public sphere), so they can compete effectively - even have just 2 corporations own the media instead of the 5 that do today.

Now, the AC could air Why We Fight, as an advocate, in it's entirety and the media owner could not stop this - because it is considered "a public service announcement". This will in turn put pressure on the system in ways that do not exist today. This will lead very rapidly to a reinvigorated democracy and after the AC airs the movie on major media stations - as a public service announcement - the real momentum begins.

Once people see this movie from the AC, the AC will be flooded with donations - remember people can get a tax deduction for donating to the AC. The AC will then have more resources to continue towards its Advocacy Goal and public perception will be starting to change. The AC will then invest in the politicians that AGREE with the assertions in the movie and have a PLAN to do something about it. Public debate will ensue that will focus on having the AC or the politician advocates, now associated with the AC, find ways to reduce the size of Lockheed Martin's influence in congress with respect to the B2, by having the AC reporters run stories on those politicians who are victims themselves (i.e. their constituents will be mad if they lose their jobs) and raise public awareness again through a "public service announcement" by an AC and try to find a better solution. The thing is now awareness is present and the public is talking and debating about the complex issues their representatives face.

If we don't do this all I can say is "Brawndo - The Thirst Mutiliator - It's got what plants crave. It's got electrolytes." - See the movie Idiocracy to get the reference :) (left sidebar link)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some Simple Formulas

I think at this point we need some formulas that we can use to describe the content on this blog thus far:

The World:
+ Only Legal Responsibility of Corporation (Profit to Shareholders)
= MUST Outsource - YOU are expendable

Corporate Governance:
Corporation + Regulation = Large Bureaucracy/Monitoring Force
(Corporation encouraged to BUY Regulators to silence critics; Inefficient)

Corporation + Media = Media Consolidation
(Corporation encouraged to BUY Media to silence critics)

Corporation + Advocacy Corporation = Self Governing Transparent System
(outside, but subsidized by Government; Media Implicit - cannot be bought; not profit driven)

The Creation of the FDA:
Government + Media = Regulator
(No media - no regulator)

The Impetus For Lobbying:
Government + Regulation + Corporation = Lobbyist
(reaction by Corporations to Government Regulation to BUY Government and Regulators)

The Perils of Lobbyists and Regulators Behind Closed Doors:
Lobbyist + Regulation - Media = Black Box (not a transparent process) - ex. SIC -> NASIC

Corporation = Efficiency
(most widgets for lowest cost)

Advocacy Corporation = Protect Humanity
(what part of our humanity did we compromise to sell the widgets and how do we do both?)

Why We Need Advocates:
Government + Corporation + Regulator + Lobbyist + Advocate = Democracy
Government + Corporation + Regulator + Lobbyist = ?

Corporate Policy Creates Robots To Manage Risk:
+ Policy
+ Corporation
= Robots
(manage risk by destroying initiative - breeds Robots who fear operating outside of Policy)

Advocacy Corporation Policy Creates Advocates To Challenge Policy and Align it with Humanity:
+ Advocacy Goal
+ Advocacy Corporation
= Promote Advocates
(protects advocates/initiative in society)

You + Policy + Robots + Frustration = Advocacy Corporation in 2008

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Policy Vs. The Advocate

In society, the role of policy in any form is to make processes as efficient as possible. So you do not need to think through situational concerns.

The role of the advocate is to challenge policy by pointing out bad policies from the advocates perspective (who usually has a different set of priorities than the people creating the policy).

The advocate is the counterbalance to policy and represents the point of view of the idealist - those people who have a dream and vision - as opposed to the pragmatist - those people who just focus on being effective. In each of us we have both polarities but it is the pragmatist mindset that predominates today.

The role of policy is to simplify interactions by providing a "rule book" that says what to do in a situation - regardless if it is appropriate, moral or right.

The problem is that policy is often wrong, because it often only represents the view of certain stakeholders in a process (usually financial interests), and if a feedback mechanism is not in place to make adjustments, policy in addition becomes outdated and no longer applicable. In the most extreme of cases, outdated policy becomes law and great penalties are exacted for violating "policy". The advocates key responsibility is to ensure that policy is monitored, challenged and adjusted.

In short, the advocate contains within it the passion of the people who believe in things. When the advocate dies - democracy itself dies.

Policy Rules Us All

I think of Upton Sinclair when he wrote "The Jungle" which exposed chopped up body parts ending up in the food produced by the meat packing industry. The public outcry was so great that the FDA was formed to "police" corporations. It WAS "policy" to not put in place adequate safeguards on the machines, due to cost, so body parts ending up in your food was rampant. It was "policy" not to challenge the corporations - "policy" not to challenge the status quo.

Now I think of today where the Corporations just buy the FDA (our Federal Safety Advocate) and the Media (our Federal Free Speech Advocate), and our government is complicit with the rising levels of media consolidation . If Upton Sinclair produced "The Jungle" today - it would be quietly swept under the rug and YOU would be eating someone else's body parts (in this day and age it is GMO - Genetically Modified Food - and you probably ARE eating this now).

I am not against corporations or business in general. I firmly believe in Capitalism since it rewards human greed (and that is a powerful motivational force). It's important however to know that Pragmatists along with their "policy" belong in Corporations to lead society to greater efficiencies (i.e. the Walmartization of the world). Yet there must be a counterbalance to offset the Wallmartization of the world (outsourcing, having cities pick up the financial tab for their employees, destroying local economies by putting 3 Walmarts into an area and then closing two of them, aggressive union busting, etc.). It used to be that government could be called on as your advocate - but most of the government is now owned as well by corporations (so advocacy is handled on a one off, per issue basis in congress).

How Does This Affect Me?

You need to understand 2 things:
  1. The role of the Advocate is the ONLY thing that prevents bad policy from ruling your life and the lives of your children
  2. Neither the government nor the corporations seem to care anymore about protecting the role of the Advocate
Think about the last time that you were told "it's our policy" - regardless of how doing what policy stated made sense in the current situation. No matter what you said, you got this answer "it's our policy". It probably took you huge amounts of your precious time to "set things right" - if you bothered trying. Maybe it was a administrative error, a technical problem your had, a credit problem, a legal problem or a medical problem. YOU were your own advocate acting alone - up against some faceless policy that you could not reason with or explain your situation to. Every person you came into contact with was a robot chiming in unison "it's our policy". If you were REALLY lucky you might have found someone who risked being fired for doing the right thing for your situation and said "I am putting myself on the line and breaking policy here" - but most likely you found Robots and if you were REALLY lucky you found outsourced Robots speaking in a foreign accent that pissed you off some more (because now you were mad AND you could not understand what they were saying).
I was speaking to my cousin Rose and she told me some pretty disturbing things in this area - which directly affected whether people lived or died - and the robots (doctors, nurses, etc.) just didn't seem to care. I have asked her to post some of these things as a comment to this post. Yet what dawned on me in that conversation with her was that when the role of the advocate dies in society - so does the thinking of the advocate.

The Robot is what we become if we lose our humanity. Once the advocate dies - advocacy becomes criminal. The role of dissent or disagreement in society, so critical for a democracy to function, becomes a punishable offense. In essence, our own humanity becomes criminal.

If you think I exaggerate, consider this - violating policy in most organizations is grounds for termination - regardless of the policy being violated. Humanity (human initiative), simply gets in the way of efficiency and fiscal security. Social Services can now be called on you if you violate the policy, or code of conduct, you are SUPPOSED to have with your children and the definition of "neglect" is so broad that ANYONE could be considered "neglectful" (as opposed to immature or having kids before they were ready and now they have a steep learning curve ahead of them).

The danger here is that Robots don't think - they obey. Advocates think. They passionately reason for and promote change. Policy is a book of rules - often well intentioned - it CANNOT be as flexible as reality needs it to be so it NEEDS the advocate as its eyes and ears so it can be guided effectively.

The simple truth is that Robots are less of a liability in an "efficient" system than Advocates. Advocates act on principles - Robots act on rules. What we are breeding is a society of Robots and the afterbirth of this is actions outside of "stated policies", no matter how simple to do, are not taken for fear of reprisal unless "a committee agrees to change the policy" or it is "pre-approved" to step outside of policy in a situation - fear being the guiding principle - not logic or reason. Initiative is too much of a liability and is therefore severely punished. Many people incorrectly believe that for a system to function efficiently you need to destroy initiative to manage risk. These people want Robots and they are succeeding in getting what they want.

Now consider that there is NOTHING structurally protecting the role of advocate in society. The creation of the Anti-Corporation or the Advocacy Corporation - would be that structure - and it can only come into being in 2008 by YOUR advocacy of it.

The alternative is to create a society of Robots that blindly follow "policy" - because if we FAIL to protect and institutionalize the role of the Advocate - Robots will be the ONLY people you get to talk to the next time you have a problem...

Please respond to this post by sharing some of your encounters with policy and share how the policy did not only NOT fit the situation - following it would have actually caused you or your loved ones harm.

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